13X-LS Low Silica Molecular Sieve

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13X-LS Low Silica Molecular Sieve

13X-LS low silica molecular sieve is a synthetic zeolite of X-type crystal structure in sodium form. Compared with normal HADsiev™ 13X series molecular sieves including PG type, APG type, HP type and more, our product has a much more excellent performance at carbon dioxide adsorption from gases under low carbon dioxide condition. Also, it shows 50 percent higher adsorption capacity for carbon dioxide than normal 13X series, especially when used for large scale cryogenic separation plants.

Technical Specification 0.40-0.85mm 1.6-2.5 mm
N2 Adsorption Capacity (1 bar/25 ℃, ml/g) ≥19.5 ≥19.0
N2/O2 Selectivity ≥ 6.1 ≥ 6.0
Bulk Density 0.62 0.60
Crush Strength -- > 30N
Attrition Rate < 0.2 %wt < 0.2 %wt
Output Oxygen Putity 94% 94%
Equilibrium H2O Capacity** > 25% wt > 25% wt
Water Content < 1.0% wt < 1.0% wt

Running Engineering is a China-based 13X-LS low silica molecular sieve manufacturer and supplier. We provide various types of products such as activated alumina, 5A Molecular Sieve, and 5A-H2 hydrogen generation molecular sieve adsorbent.

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