13X-PG Molecular Sieve

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13X-PG Molecular Sieve

Na86 [(AlO2)86(SiO2)106].XH2O

13X-PG molecular sieve can provide the function of purifying the gas in air separation unit, removing water, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon, as well as desulfurization of natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and liquid alkanes such as propane, butane and so on. Besides, it can be used for deep drying of general gas like compressed air and permanent gases, plus dryness and purification of ammonia synthesizing gas, deodorization of aerosol and propelling agent, as well as removal of carbon dioxide by pyrolysis gas.

Technical Specification 4x8mesh 8x12mesh
Nominal Pore Diameter 10 Angstroms 10 Angstroms
Bulk Density 0.66+/-0.02 0.66+/-0.02
Particle Diameter 2.5-5mm 1.6-2.6mm
Crush Strength > 60N > 25N
CO2 Adsorption > 18.5%wt > 18.5%wt
Attrition Rate < 0.2 %wt < 0.2 %wt
Equilibrium H2O Capacity** (60% RH, 25℃) > 27% wt > 27% wt
Water Content (550℃ at shipped) < 1.2% wt < 1.2% wt

13X-PG molecular sieve is typically sealed in iron drum with net weight of 140 Kg.

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