5A Molecular Sieve, HADsiev™ 5A Normal

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5A Molecular Sieve, HADsiev™ 5A Normal

HADsiev™ 5A normal molecular sieve is calcium and sodium type silica aluminates with crystal pore diameter of 5 angstroms or 0.5 nm. It is widely used in air purification system for removal of impurities such as water, carbon dioxide, acetylene and so on. Also, we apply our product to purification, dryness and separation of inert gas, plus normal and isomeric alkanes with cut fraction of four to six carbon atoms in paraffin wax industry, as well as petroleum gas, decomposition of ammonia gas and other industrial gas and liquid. In addition, 5A normal molecular sieve has the ability of deep dryness and purification for air, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and other gaseous mixture.

Classical Packing
HADsiev™ 5A normal molecular sieve had better be closed in iron drum with 125 Kg in strip and 150 Kg in spherical.

As a professional HADsiev™ 5A Molecular Sieve manufacturer in China, our company also offers 4A molecular sieve, 13X molecular sieve, hydrogen peroxide activated alumina, and insulating glass molsieve adsorbent, among others.

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