13X-HP Molecular Sieve

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13X-HP Molecular Sieve

Na86 [(AlO2)86(SiO2)106].XH2O

13X-HP molecular sieve is applicable to various deep cooling and PSA air separation equipment in large size to satisfy the special requirement of air separation industry. With the further improved adsorption ability of carbon dioxide and water, it can efficiently avoid the frozen tower phenomenon during the process of deep cooling air separation.

Technical Specification 4*8 Mesh 8*12Mesh
Nominal Pore Diameter 10 Angstroms 10 Angstroms
Bulk Density 0.66+/-0.02 0.66+/-0.02
Crush Strength > 70N > 30N
** CO2 Adsorption ( 0℃) CO2 Adsorption ( 25℃) 19.5%wt 18.5%wt 19.5%wt 18.5%wt
Attrition Rate < 0.2 %wt < 0.2 %wt
Equilibrium H2O Capacity** (RH75%,@35℃) Equilibrium H2O Capacity** (RH75%,@25℃) 28% wt 28.5% wt 28% wt 28.5% wt
Water Content < 1.5% wt < 1.5% wt

13X-HP molecular sieve weighs 140 Kg packed in each closed iron drum.

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