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Natural Gas Dehydration

Adsorption Products for the Natural Gas Process Industry
Generally, natural gas used to produce chemical raw materials contains saturated water, H2S, organic sulfur (mercaptan), CO2 and other impurities. In order to meet the needs of liquefaction, deep cooling and other processes, the impurities need to be removed as much as possible to achieve the application requirements of the finished gas product.

Drying and purification
Water will significantly raise the dew point of natural gas, making it freeze in the process of liquefaction, pipeline transportation or deep cooling separation, and then form a hydrocarbon hydrate that can precipitate out and block the equipment and pipelines. This presents potential and significant safety risks. In addition, H2S and CO2 in natural gas can easily react with other substances, resulting in acid and alkaline corrosion of the pipeline equipment.

It is one of the most widely used and mature methods to deep dehydrate and dry natural gas by molecular sieve.

Recommended products:

    1. 4A-DG Molecular Sieve4A-DG molecular sieve is mainly suitable for deep dehydration dry of natural gas, high strength of which can fully guarantee its service life. Also, it can absorb moisture in natural gas, a small amount of carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and other trace impurities.