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Ethanol Dehydration

The purity of anhydrous ethanol is 99.5%-99.98%, but the purity of ethanol prepared by rectification is only 95.6% due to the azeotropic point of ethanol and water. It has been found that the molecular sieve can avoid the influence of the azeotropic point of ethanol and water, so that the concentration of ethanol can be up to 99.5% or even higher.

Most of molecular sieves produced by Running can be widely used in ethanol dehydration unit (EDU) since ethanol plants can produce not only fuel grade ethanol but also CO2 and grain stillage. Running can design ethanol dehydration products according to the factory scale and production requirements of customers to improve the production capacity in each process and produce high-purity final products.

Recommended products:
    1. 3A-ETH Ethanol Dehydration Molecular Sieve3A-ETH ethanol dehydration molecular sieve is potassium and sodium type silica aluminates with crystal pore diameter of 3 angstroms or 0.3 nm. It features strong water absorption, high strength, low abrasion wear and so on.