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Coating, sealants and adhesives drying

Moisture drying is very important for many coating processing plants, polyurethane adhesive processing plants and sealing material processing plants. The isocyanate in the formulation of polyurethane products easily reacts with moisture and produces CO2 bubbles that negatively affect the performance of the finished products. Adding molecular sieve powder to the plasticizer or dispersant can effectively dry water. And it is enough to remove the residual moisture of the medium by adding 2%~ 5% molecular sieve according to its different moisture contents.

As an absorbent desiccant, molecular sieve (powder) in the elimination of moisture will not react with the base material since it is a pure physical adsorption process that is safe and convenient.

Recommended products:
    1. HADsiev™ 3A-H Activated PowderHADsiev™ 3A-H activated powder can not only be added to composite strip of insulating glass for amorphous desiccant use, but also be applied to polyurethane products such as coatings, adhesives and sealants, which can avoid bubble and prolong its service life.
    1. HADsiev™ 4A-N Activated PowderHADsiev™ 4A-N activated powder can provide such functions as reducing water, eliminating bubble, as well as improving the uniformity and intensity of materials when used in coatings, paints, resins, plus additives or aggregate of some adhesives. On process of polyurethane products ...
    1. HADsiev™ 5A-E Activated PowderHADsiev™ 5A-E activated powder can adsorb water and other impurities which affects product quality with no change in its physical and chemical performance for the production of polyurethane products. Besides, our activated powder can be used as selective adsorbent to be added to specific polymers ...
    1. HADsiev™ 10A-P Activated PowderHADsiev™ 10A-P activated powder, as functional filling material, is widely used in medicine, food, rubber, plastics, paints, coatings, cosmetic industry.