3A-H Activated Powder

3A-H Activated Powder


3A-H activated powder can not only be added to composite strip of insulating glass for amorphous desiccant use, but also be applied to polyurethane products such as coatings, adhesives and sealants, which can avoid bubble and prolong its service life.

Specifications Standard
Appearance Fine White Powder
Potassium Exchange 45% Min
Pore Diameter 3 Angstroms
Sieve Residue 0.5% Max
PH (1wt% solution) 11 max Max
Particle Size (Microns) 10 Max
Bulk Density (g/ml) 0.42~0.45
Water Absorption Capacity (wt%) at 80% r.h., 25°C 26 Min
Water Content (wt%) 1.5% Max

As a China-based 3A-H activated powder manufacturer and supplier, Running Engineering offers a broad range of products that includes 5A-E activated powder, fluoride removing activated alumina, 3A-EPG molecular sieve, and more.

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