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Automotive Air Brake System Drying

The moisture in the automobile brake system drying tank will corrode the pipelines of the gas system and affect the braking system eventually causing system failure.

Running can provide you with highly efficient specialized molecular sieve to remove moisture from various automotive air brake systems such as cars, heavy trucks, trains and ships. The following are the molecular sieve products that we recommend for the automotive brake system. They can improve your comprehensive benefits due to its good chemical compatibility, high adsorption capacity and high crushing strength.

Recommended products:
    1. 4A-AB Air Brake System Molecular Sieve4A-AB air brake system molecular sieve is sodium aluminosilicate, and its crystal pore opening is 4 angstroms or 0.4 nm. It can be specialized in dryness of automobile air system, involving the water removal of automobile air conditioning system and air brake system.