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Deep Cooling Air Separation(Rich Oxygen)

By utilizing low-temperature distillation, pressure swing adsorption (PSA), vacuum pressure swing adsorption (VPSA) and other methods you can achieve air separation to obtain oxygen, nitrogen, rare gases and a series of gas and liquefied products.

Before entering the cryogenic unit, the air needs to be purified to selectively remove impurities such as CO2, water, hydrocarbons, sulphides and nitrogen oxides by molecular sieve and alumina to meet the operation requirements of the equipment.

Our 13X-APG molecular sieve is widely used for air drying and purification due to its high dynamic water and high CO2 adsorption capacity.

Alumina could be used for drying assistance in deep cold air separation devices to ensure the device stability.

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    1. 13X-APG Molecular Sieve13X-APG molecular sieve is suitable for dryness of general industrial gas, as well as purification of virgin gas in air separation equipment which also removes water, carbon dioxide and some hydrocarbon in the meantime. In order to meet the special needs of deep cooling air separation field ...
    1. 13X-HP Molecular Sieve13X-HP molecular sieve is applicable to various deep cooling and PSA air separation equipment in large size to satisfy the special requirement of air separation industry. With the further improved adsorption ability of carbon dioxide and water, it can efficiently avoid the frozen tower phenomenon during the process ...
    1. Activated AluminaActivated alumina features numerous microporous channels and large specific surface area. It can be used as adsorbent, desiccant, and catalyst. With strong affinity for water, alkali, oxide, acetic acid, and more, our product functions as not only a micro water deep desiccant but also an adsorbent for polar molecules.